Pure Linen scarves Handwoven Linen wrap


Linen scarves with tassels handwoven in a handloom by a Fair Trade enterprise from the foothills of the Himalayas. Available in 7 unisex colours.

Size 200 X 60 cms


These pure Linen scarves are handwoven in a handloom by a Fair trade enterprise from the foothills of the Himalayas. Hand woven  from 100% Indian flax linen, it is lightweight and easy to wear making it a perfect accessory for dressing up and down in all seasons.

Available to choose from in seven stunning unisex colours. It is 200 cms long and 60 cms wide, long enough to be worn in any style one fancies. Each one of the scarf is finished with hand rolled tassels which is tied in a knot. As it is not densely woven, it looks almost voile which makes it very lightweight. Each colour comes with its own unique details; Navy blue, maroon, red, ocean blue and sky blue colours comes with stripes in the borders, then there is hues of blue with checked pattern and another blue with stripes. Each pattern adds character to each colour ways.

Why choose Linen scarf : Linen is a natural fabric, its breathability and aesthetic appeal has made it a fabric of choice for many centuries. Its luxurious yet relaxed texture makes it a timeless piece. Linen are known to have hypoallergenic quality which also makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin. It is also more sustainable than cotton which makes it more appealing for those who are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Linen wrinkles easily but this is part of its charm, the wrinkled appearance looks good especially on a scarf .

Who made these scarves :The handloom artisans who hand weaved these scarves are part of a Social Enterprise called Kilmora. Kilmora work with the villagers who are based in the hill area of Uttarakhand District in the foothills of the Himalayas. Living in an area where job opportunities are scarce, handloom weaving help the weavers to earn an income the whole year round and receive a fair price for each of the piece they weaved. Earning a fair price through their work enable them to look forward to a better future for their children and for themselves. Keeping their craft going is crucial for their livelihoods and those around them.

How to care for your Linen Scarf : To retain its colour, for the first few washes, wash it with cooler water temperature using milder detergent. It can be machine washed, hand washed and tumble dried. Avoid high heat as this tend to shrink the fabric.

Handmade disclaimer : Due to its handmade nature, please note that there may be slight irregularity and variations in the pattern.

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