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About Us

Enfair is a small enterprise which is run like a social enterprise. It was set up to help women who live in extreme poverty in India. Our objective is to help improve their lives through learning new skills including sewing and embroidery. The articles which they make gives them an income which helps to improve their lives and those of their families.


Lal hailed from NE India. She and her husband arrived in Delhi with their two young daughters hoping to find jobs and improve their livelihood. In a big city like Delhi, jobs are hard to come by and they survived on her husband’s meagre income as a taxi driver. Living in a two bed flat with no window, it was hardly an ideal family home especially with two young kids. Enfair was set up with a view to help women like her. When Enfair was first started, Lal had basic skills in sewing, so she was sent for more training to improve her skills. In the meantime, they were also moved to a new house where the spare room is kept aside for sewing. With the money she earns from sewing the bags, she is able to supplement her family income, send her children to a good local school and also able to assist their extended family members when they are in need.

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In 2016 an informal embroidery class was started by one of our talented volunteers in Delhi. In no time her students could embroider to a high standard and could embroider our bestselling bags. One of our embroiderers Tete is a young widow with two young kids and she had no means of earning an income. With her new embroidery skills, she is now able to earn an income that not only helps her but also her children.


How Enfair Helps

Our work at Enfair not only helps these ladies earn an income but also equips them with skills and empowers them. It boosts their confidence and helps them look to the future with hope.
Our products are mainly fashion accessories such as handbags, purses, scarves. We like to incorporate hand loomed textiles in our products which we source from NE India. These hand loomed textiles are either handwoven in a loin loom or a handloom. The designs are unique and special to the area. We use newly woven textiles as well as old but hardly worn textiles and upcycle them into bags.

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Stay With Us

We love what we do at Enfair and we hope to reach out to more women and empower them with life skills and help them grow into confident women. Thank you to all those who have been supporting us by buying our products, by donating goods and giving up your time to help us. We hope you will continue to support us.