Fair Trade Policy

Enfair started as a response to find outlets for talented artisans from disadvantaged background in India. We help with the design, training and financial support. To us fair trade is so much more than paying a fair price to a product. It means giving ongoing support to the person and their family members, thus ensuring that what we do is sustainable. The products we sell reflect the crafts and skills of our artisan partners. Out of necessity, we have started our own sewing unit in India which is run by a tailor and a team of volunteers. Many of the products we sell are now made at our own sewing unit in India.

Our Aims

  • To promote fair trade and give opportunities to artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • To promote and maintain traditional crafts and skills.
  • To ensure that everyone involved gets a fair price for their hard work.
  • To teach new crafts.
  • To provide an outlet for young artisans so they can develop a more stable and productive lifestyle.