Hi,my name is Nuni and I am the founder of Enfair.

I was born and brought up in Mizoram -a small state in the North East of India and I have studied and worked in various parts of India and the Solomon Islands.

As a young girl, one subject in Social Studies that stayed with me to this day was about the plight of the poor farmers in mainland India. Despite working so hard all their lives they were born with nothing, lived with nothing and died with nothing. That really disturbed me, and I knew I wanted to do something about.

Studying in various parts of India gave me some experience of the unfair class system as well as an insight into the patriarchal system. Seeing for myself how women are expected to play a subservient role made passionate about empowering women with life skills to boost their confidence and enable them to contribute to their family income.

Fast forward to four years ago, with myself and my young family living in North London. My son about to start nursery and I was uncertain as to which direction to take, so I prayed and deliberated. It soon became clear without any shadow of a doubt that I had to start something that would benefit the marginalised community in India. So Enfair was born

The Team

As well as myself, I set up Enfair with my friends who are based in New Delhi, India. Despite family and work commitment they are also passionate about making a difference.  In fact, they are the ones who handpicked the women we are working with.

Dr Rozami, a medical doctor by profession, works among the slum community in New Delhi

Rimawii, an expert at needlepoint, oversees training the women with embroidery skills.

Enfair is all about teamwork. We have been blessed to have a community of friends and family in London and India who always give up their valuable time to help us when needed.

About Enfair

Enfair is run like a social enterprise, it was set up to help women who live in extreme poverty in India. Our objective is to help improve their lives through learning new skills including sewing and embroidery. The articles which they make gives them an income that helps to improve their lives and those of their families.

How Enfair Helps

Our work at Enfair not only helps these women earn an income but also equips them with skills and empowers them. It boosts their confidence and helps them look to the future with hope.

 Working with artisans

We work with female artisans in the community as we know that by helping these women to learn new skills they will earn an income for their families and they can pass on all that they have learnt to others.

Our Products

Our products are designed in London and they are mainly fashion accessories including handbags, purses and scarves. To ensure quality and creativity, I travel to India every year to source material for our products as well as to work on new and existing designs.

We like to incorporate hand-loomed textiles in our products which we source from Mizoram, North East India. These hand-loomed textiles are either handwoven in a loin loom or a handloom by talented women weavers. The designs are unique and special to that region. We use newly woven textiles as well as old but hardly worn textiles and upcycle them into bags.

We are very particular about the material we use for our products. Whether they are newly bought or recycled we only use good quality material. The products we sell go through several quality checks before they reach our customers.

We are not limiting ourselves to just bags and purses, we often work on seasonal items including cotton kaftans using hand block printed cotton and knitted headbands.


We take pride in using recycled material and locally sourced materials as much as we can. We often use recycled handwoven fabrics, cotton, embroidery threads so that material sent to landfill is minimal. These materials are either bought by us or donated to us by our supporters.

Another service we offer is bag handle replacement as most of our Tote bags are made from durable material. Sometimes the bag outlives the handle so, for this reason, we decided to replace the tote handles with new ones for a small fee.

Our values, Our mission

We work with and support these women as we want to see change and growth within their communities. As an enterprise too, our goal is to maintain growth which will enable us to work with even more artisans.

Fair trade Ethos

We are a member of BAFTS (British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) so all our customers can be certain that all our goods are ethically sourced and fairly traded. https://www.enfair.com/fair-trade-policy/

Stay In touch With Us

We love what we do at Enfair and each time you purchase a bag you help us to empower even more women with life skills which help them grow into confident women. Thank you to all those who have been supporting us by buying our products, by donating goods and giving up your time to help us. We hope you will continue to support us.



Nuni Randall

Founder, Enfair.

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