Bespoke Services

At Enfair, we use our local knowledge to source bespoke products from India for business and individuals in the UK. They will be tailor-made either at our own unit in India or by other organisations that we have been working with for the past few years. We understand your need to own something which is not available on the High Street. So why not avail yourself of our services and design your own tote bags, purses, tunic tops and hand woven fabrics?

  1. Totes and bags: If you want a bespoke design for yourself or for retail, we can do that in various colourways, fabrics and trimmings of your choice using our existing design which is available from our web shop.
  2. Tunic top: We use beautiful hand block printed fabric to sew tunic tops. This will be tailor-made: you can choose the fabric from our fabric swatches and it will be made in your choice of neckline, with trimmings and embroidery of your choice.
  3. Promotional bags: Ideal for promoting your business and organisations or events. Using cotton on a bag of your design, we print logos, business addresses and promotional details. We undertake all kinds of designs and sizes of bags.
  4. Hand woven fabrics: Expert weavers who have been hand weaving fabrics for us will be able to weave that special fabric for clothes, scarves, soft furnishings for you. You can either design your own piece or choose from our various samples.

If you are interested in our bespoke services,just email us.