Small Pyramid Floral Purse


Pyramid shaped purse in cotton fabric-Ideal to be used as a coin purse, small cosmetic purse,gift pouch bag

Size : 10 x 10 x 10 cms

This pyramid small purse with a beaded zipper pull is a delightful small purse ideal to be used as a coin purse, jewellery purse, cosmetic purse, gift pouch bag, key holder etc.

Interestingly this purse has many names ; some calls it pyramid purse while some calls it  samosa purse, it is also called triangle purse. Made from a lovely floral printed cotton, it has a cotton lining and secured with a good quality silver colour zipper. The unusual shape makes it an item of interest. You will find the shape of the purse makes it easy to find its contents. The triangle shape makes it easy to hold and open the purse. Its best feature is its versatility

At Enfair, we love designing and handcrafting Fair trade fashion accessories which are unique yet functional. Be it Tote bags or purses, we are careful to choose design which is practical and versatile.

Feedback from our customers who have bought this purse goes to show how versatile this little purse is :

  • Coin Purse /Change purse : This seems to be the obvious choice because of its size. Use it as a purse inside a bigger purse or use it on its own.
  • Jewellery purse : Ideal for storing jewellery items while travelling.
  • Cosmetic purse : Great for keeping smaller cosmetic items.
  • Gift Pouch bag : A great alternative to wrapping paper,this purse is ideal for smaller size gifts. Save yourself the hassle of gift wrapping, just pop your gift inside the purse
  • As a key holder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lovingly handcrafted by Enfair team members

Size : 10 x 10 x 10 cms

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